Taking stock~

The wheel of the year has turned, even though my eyes are not yet able to see with great perception that the sun has turned to make her long journey back to summer.  I offer a heart and soul felt prayer of gratitude to all the good gods that this turning is so; 2016 was, mildly, a dumpster fire of a year. I have never before wanted to burn a year in effigy and dance among the ashes like I have this year. Yet, with that said, the year has also brought some good.

So, I’ve turned to Tarot to help me take stock and find clarity before I sit down to plan my trajectory into 2017 — it helps to at least be familiar with the map before attempting a journey.

2016, the year of the Tower. The unconscious has erupted all around me, as seen in personal issues and the seeming implosion/explosion of the collective Western civilisation. Living through this year has felt like mere survival for the majority of it. Standing up and staggering from one onslaught to the other, continuing on from sheer determination (with the occasional flash-point of anger for flavour) no matter how shell-shocked I felt at the moment.

Surviving this year has been painful. Yet, I survived and endured… that is a gift and an achievement. The lightning bolt blasted old habits, ways of thinking, and complacency that set in. It showed me that I do have a strong core, dreams that didn’t die (merely hibernated until the soil became fertile again), and that there is Grace to be found when we stop and open our eyes to the universe.

In the spirit of the dying 2016, I will be looking at the past year honestly and answering some questions in my journal to gather the lessons and benefits of this harsh year. Tomorrow, as I watch the old year die and wait for the new one to be born (and hope that the fire of 2017 is the gentler fire of starlight and not meteorites), I will meditate on questions1 about where I am at the moment:

What am I devoted to?
What am I in service to?
Where can I take action?

Sunday, I will plan for moving forward using what I know.

As for resolutions, I don’t quite hold with them (at least with them as they have become in the modern, materialistic rush of society), but for 2017 I will make one~

I resolve to see the world through the eyes of beauty.

How about you? How did you fare in 2016? What do you resolve for 2017? Whatever you decide, may Beauty and Grace be your companions for the new year.

1. These questions arrived in my in-box via HeatherAsh Amara as she blogs about her experiences in India.


Dancing at the world’s edge

Where to begin when a blank page stares back at you? Allow me to build a foundation for this blog.

Taurë Curuni is not my name. It is a description of both vocation and lifestyle. The language is Quenya1 and translates to Forest Witch. I live on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay; surrounded by both water and woods.

From childhood, these places have called to me ~ to explore, enjoy, and educate myself about this world. There is a magic in wandering a forest path and in chasing a wave on the shore. Both song birds and sea gulls speak to my heart, leading me to try and learn the language of the birds. It is still a work in progress.

The tagline ‘ultimo habitat ores mundi’ is Latin and translates as ‘inhabitants of the world’s edge. As I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize that the world’s edges are the places I truly enjoy being in. I like walking with one foot in the ordered world and one foot in the wilds of nature. Being an inhabitant of the world’s edge allows me to remember my dreams and have conversations with them. I can observe and enjoy the raw edges and perfected creations of nature — humans included. I am able to live truly knowing that humans are part of this world and of nature, not separated and not superior.

Dancing at the world’s edge has taught me — and continues to teach me — balance and grace.  I look forward to sharing this dance with you and learning how you, too, dance at the world’s edge.

1. Quenya is a fictional language spoken by the Elves in the legendarium of J.R.R. Tolkien.